About Our Supporters

A big part of our fundraising success can be attributed to friends and families who donate a lot of time, energy and money. It is a devoted group of very special people.


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The words 'thank you' cannot come close to describing my gratitude at your donation and I am overwhelmed at your generosity.

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Our Loyal Donors

  • Nancy Delaney Briggs
  • Marta Collings
  • Diageo
  • Richard and Rosie Goodfellow
  • Mike and Andrea Gregg
  • Karl and Becky Hansen
  • Susi Lipschultz
  • Olive Lopez
  • Mark and Debbie Nicholas
  • Silverado Vineyards

Special Thanks

We are especially grateful to Nathaniel Dorn, Christopher Kostow and Meadowood Country Club for their generous contribution to our memorial fund. We were fortunate enough to be a co-recipient of their astounding 12 Days of Christmas fundraiser in 2017, the third consecutive year that we were selected for this honor.

Our Dedicated Helpers


  • Tony and Dina Aiello
  • Leslie Chait
  • Ryan Cranston
  • Kay Gaughan
  • Mike and Andrea Gregg
  • Sam and Maria Gonzales
  • Karl and Becky Hansen
  • HCMF Board of Directors
  • David Lamp
  • George and Joyce Lamp
  • Toni Lee
  • Brittany Mobley
  • Antje and Helmut Oja
  • Stephen Oja
  • Tom Oja
  • Jackie Pagliuso
  • Helen and Gene Penny
  • Mary and Brett Ponnequin
  • Kellie Sampson
  • Marty Sampson
  • Larry Sharp
  • Sneaky Pete
  • Neil and Julie Thomas
  • Suzie Thomas
  • Roberta and Greg Wright